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Alex arrives in Taiwan. Explosions ensue.
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Let me tell you a little something about my third night in Taiwan.


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Manifesto for 2011
Badass River

I’m nearly four weeks into 2011, so a little late to share my manifesto of intent for the year. But I’d rather have one than not, so I may as well get ‘er done.



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Poem, also update
Elfen Lied
So, in a bid to be the Fanciest Gentleman in all of Norwich (which is where I'm currently laying my head, for those of you not in the Loop) I journeyed up Stokeways to pick up some choice garments of mine. I also poked my head into Brum and Coventry briefly, for seminars and Mixed Things respectively. Also caught up with some folk I'd not seen since the start of summer, which is always nice. Things I have learned:

1) Lift of Brian looks like it's in safe hands. I had the opportunity to do some character work with the cast and they've engaged with the text in a very positive way already. Looking forward to the performances now. 22nd and 23rd at the Bedworth Arts Centre, boys and girls! Save the date!

2) According to industry writers, I am well on the way to finding gainful employment writing videogames. Which is encouraging, especially considering I've been invited down to London to schmooze with them at the next opportunity. Schmoozing!

3) Comedy nights are money in the bank. IN THE BANK, PEOPLE. Varsity Comedy was a big success, well done Webster for organising it and the acts for stepping up and being jolly funny.

4) My new more streamlined haircut is Pretty Cool.

5) I should try and be less of an obnoxious flirt, it is silly and makes me look silly.

6) Suggesting a game of Puerto Rico is a sub-optimal idea at 1.30am.

7) War and Peace is long, man. So long. But I've got to keep at it. My dignity is at stake! More on this later, perhaps.

Aaanyway, I wrote a poem, and it's not specifically for the eyes of a Lady Friend, for the first time in a while. So I'd appreciate concrit if you have any to give. Or if you fancy heaping praise upon it, that's cool too. If you have horrific abuse to deposit I have a hotline for that, just hold down Alt and press the F4 key.
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Love story
Elfen Lied
So I wrote a story for yond_cassius and james_is_sorry to be read at their handfasting yesterday.

It went down fairly well eventually, although due to unscheduled musical accompaniment from the neighbours we weren't able to complete some of the readings during the ceremony itself. I believe that suitable revenge was wrought later in the evening though.

Anyway, people requested I post my offering in its entirety for closer examination, so without further ado:
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Awright yew slags, my much-discussed MA portfolio is nearing completion. I'm looking for people to help me proofread my stuff and possibly suggest some nips and tucks. I have to say, most of it was written in dribs and drabs, (one of the unfortunate downsides of my New Year's resolution) so cohesiveness may be an issue. Comment if you're interested in some vaguely 'funny' 'scripts'.

Thanks LJ :DDDD
I just got sent a reminder about my own birthday. Way to be, LJ.

Flickr meme
Island Gorilla
1. Answer each of the questions below using the Flickr search engine.
2. Choose a photo from the first three pages.
3. Copy the URL of your favourite photos here.
4. Then share with the world.

First Name | Favourite Food | Hometown | Favourite Colour | Celebrity Crush | Favourite Drink | Dream Holiday | Favourite Dessert | What I Want To Be When I Grow Up | What I Love Most In The World | One Word That Describes Me | My LiveJournal Name

Big. Refresh?

1. Alexander, 2. You Want A Pizza My Heart ..., 3. Nature Gets Angry | Bit hung over in Shelton, Stoke on Trent, 4. Welcome to the New Year!, 5. Helena Bonham Carter in "Sweeney Todd".jpg, 6. Sunset Wine3  ice cream float:), 7. Toronto Skyline, 8. Treacle Tart Two, 9. R&R 012 | Angels, 10. Freedom, 11. Rays of hope!!, 12. "I feel like dancing, dancing..."

Probably not going to be hugely revelatory to anyone. Still, nomnomnom Helena. nomnomnom treacle tart.

So in other news, the play went well. Apparently we covered most of our costs, which is pretty groovy by all accounts. Now we just need to put our heads together and think of what to do next. I'm all for getting cracking on Gospel, but our window for performing it is a couple of months down the line. Until I can get someone Clever With Computers to rescue some files off my old broken laptop, I don't have access to my scripts for Lift of Brian and Actors Against Abstract Theatre, so that's a no-no for now.

My New Year's resolution is standing strong, I am writing 500 words a day of fiction or tangentially related fictional work. Yeah, it's a pretty loose resolution. Ah well. It's good though, it's a good motivator and it means I always come out of a day feeling I've at least done something, which was a real problem last year at points. On the work front, things are quiet as always, but there's this Numidia place which is apparently offering free NVQ courses, which is goddamn better than nothing at this point. Any sort of vocational qualification would be helpful.

Still sad that my degree appears to have alienated me from any sort of entry-level job going. And my lack of experience alienates me from any job in which my degree would be an asset rather than an albatross screeching "Watch yourself with this one! He's one of them intellectual buggers! Not to be trusted!"
Kind of dampens my other New Year's resolution, which is to smile more and more freely. Which is nice, occasionally, and other times I get very vicious looks. In some quarters it's no longer cool for men to smile at children they're not related to. Sadface.

But positivity, if that is a word, is key. I have my health, my wits, and a foxy girlfriend who introduces me to MMOs and grinds me through the first few levels. What a doll. And my birthday is coming up too. What shall I do to celebrate reaching level 23?

Always So Free and also meme
Island Gorilla
I directed a play! Well, the delicious and dangerous Inigo T. Purcell directed a play and I helped. But the point is, there is a play, it's going to be awesome, and you (yes you) should totally come along and see how awesome it is because it's going to be awesome and you wouldn't want to not come and so miss out on how awesome it is because everyone else will be saying 'wow that play was awesome' and you won't know what they're talking about and it will be SUPER AWKWARD for you.

So really I'm just thinking of you here. Yes you.

Always So Free,
Tin Angel Artist Studios, Medieval Spon St, Coventry
7pm Wednesday 27th
1pm & 7pm Thursday 28th
1pm & 7pm Friday 29th
1pm & 7pm Saturday 30th
1pm & 7pm Sunday 31st

Tickets £5 (£4 students and unemployed) including FREE TEA. AND CAKE. omg this shit is real you guys. Culture and cake. What more could you possibly want? Like maybe a play that has free cake and also wipes your arse for you or something well I guess that would be pretty sweet but still you're not going to get a better offer this week so you'd better come.

This play does not contain strobe lighting. It does however contain some really good acting and calvados, as well as some very clever bits about growing up, mental illness and alienation. Also you can come and ask us afterwards about the creative process and themes and things like that and feel really intellectual and stuff. Awesome.

And there's rather a nice meme going round where people say nice things about folk they know, so if you want me to say something nice about you post here. If you promise to come and see our play I'll say something REALLY nice. Like the goddamn Galactus of plaudits. It's gonna eat the bejesus out of everyone else's compliments. Holy shit.
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On Cowell, Christmas and Rage (in various forms)
Island Gorilla
Just a few thoughts on the scintillating race for this year's Christmas no. 1 between Joe Mcwhothefuckcares and Rage Against The Machine.

Now, I don't think it will surprise anyone that I have no time at all for Simon Cowell. Frankly, if the man were on fire I wouldn't so much piss on him to put him out as pull up a chair and a pack of marshmallows. The thought of another one of his dreary, disposable pap-pop pretty boys smirking all over the charts makes me want to do unpleasant things to fluffy animals.

But. I don't want Rage to get Christmas no. 1 either.

It's not just that RATM are owned by Sony, the same umbrella company that owns Syco, Cowell's cabal of musak kingpins. Although that figures into it greatly. It's not just that the more intense the battle becomes, the more Simon Cowell bleats and moans to anyone that will listen about poor Joe Fuckstick's fragile career.

It's because it's so bloody pedestrian.

'Fuck you, I won't buy what you sell me?' ...yes, well done you. That's very droll. Or at least it would be if you weren't buying into the hype you purport to be defying with your half-arsed trendy gesture. Are you actually listening to the lyrics of the song you download five times a day from iTunes, or are you just padding your hard drive to the same extent as your ego? It's very simple. They even repeat it so that it gets drilled into your pigshit thick head.

'And now you do what they told ya, now you're under control.'

Ask yourself, why are you buying this song? Because you don't want Cowell's latest protege to win? Yeah, that's swell. Will it change anything? No. No it won't. He has probably sold more records as a result of this bullshit contest than he otherwise would have done, because nobrow goits like you have been spam-buying 'their' Shitty Pop Song #3889 so that 'their' artist can win. And all he has to do to fuel the flames is go on ITV, or whinge to whichever toerag newspaper he can find (and there are far, far too many) about how it's not fair, and his little braintrust gimp deserves the opportunity to get #1 like all his other sockpuppet halfwits. Sony are feeding off your revulsion for this sad little man. They are making money out of Simon Cowell being an incomparable wanker. And they are laughing their arses off as they do so.

You know what? Next year, there should be a charity single released at the same time as Cowell's next spoonfed moron. It would clean the fuck up. And, crucially, it would actually make a difference. Because this exploitation, this calvalcade of wankery, all it's doing is making Sony's Christmas merrier. And I don't for one second believe that they deserve it.

Gaia meme
Horatio Caine
Yeah, dassright, it's a meme now. Guess which characters are avatarised if you can. Or not.

Will make a proper post soon. Maybe.


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